‘Plastic Free’ Yr Wyddfa

What is ‘Plastic Free’ Yr Wyddfa?

Yr Wyddfa is the most popular mountain in Wales and litter is becoming a real threat to its sustainable future. Plastic waste in particular can be found littering the trails and surrounding areas, and if left unchecked, this problem will only worsen over time.

‘Plastic Free’ Yr Wyddfa is an important and ambitious step in protecting the mountain’s sustainable future.

What can I do?

Here are things you can do to help us make Yr Wyddfa ‘Plastic Free’.

How can we all be heroes?
Our survey work shows that 85% of people take responsibility for their rubbish, and 71% of people take it home with them. Be part of the solution and make sure you are in that group.
No litter too small
Think especially about small items like wet wipes and cigarette butts. These build up over time and can cause the most damage.
Where can I refill before the hill?
Instead of buying single use plastic bottles, bring a reusable one and fill it up before you start your hike. Refill stations are marked on the National Park Authority’s Llwybrau’r Wyddfa app.
Banana peels are litter too!
All organic waste is rubbish – it takes much longer to bio-degrade on Yr Wyddfa due to the weather conditions and altitude. These waste types can also damage the local environment.